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Airport Surveillance Radar

Our airport surveillance radar (SCANTER 4002) is designed for detection, separation, and tracking of small air targets and large surface targets and is operational in several international airports.
Primary Surveillance Radar
The SCANTER 4002 is a fully solid state radar for air surveillance in airport terminal control areas, providing enhanced small target detection out to 42.5 NM. Operation in X-band gives the SCANTER 4002 superior coverage against low flying air targets and provides a high angular accuracy and resolution while reducing the antenna size and tower requirements. Due to multipath effects, gaps in the detection coverage volume are significantly minimized when X-band is used.
Compared to lower frequencies, X-band provides higher antenna gain and better resolution, for a given antenna size, and eliminates 4G/LTE impacts on performance.
The SCANTER 4002 is the first non-terrain shielded radar with wind farm mitigation to become operational in an air traffic control environment.
Product Characteristics
Confident Situational Awareness
The transmitter is a fully modular, fault tolerant solid state amplifier with 8 power modules using the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology.
Each power module is designed for 24/7 operation and provides increased reliability with graceful degradation and hot-swap functionality. The receiver has two channels in order to support simultaneous reception of two frequency bands. Optimum signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance is ensured by low noise amplifier(s) located up-mast at the antenna. A very high instantaneous dynamic range of the receiver enables detection of small targets without saturation from large targets/reflections like wind turbines.
After down conversion to intermediate frequency (IF) in the receiver, the signal is sampled with 14 bit at 400 MHz, demodulated, pulse compressed, and moving target indication (MTI) processed. Video processing is performed on both normal radar video and MTI video and includes automatic adaptation to the environment, channel combining, interference filtering, and Doppler processing to suppress stationary targets as well as moving clutter.
Control and Monitoring
Control and monitoring (CMS) can be performed from any number of local or remote stations using the Terma radar service tool / radar status indicator (RST/RSI) applications or via simple network management protocol (SNMP). Extensive built-in test equipment (BITE) is continuously monitoring performance parameters such as: Mains-on time, transmitter/receiver status, internal voltages and temperatures, turning unit status, etc. An advanced error handling system gives a quick overview as well as a detailed description of any error in the system. All measurements and errors are stored in a log for inspection and later reference.
Proven and Reliable
Most of the world’s largest ports and airports are already relying on a Terma surveillance or security solution, given our 60 years of experience in detecting very small land, sea, and air targets in extreme weather and sea conditions. The SCANTER 4002 is operational in several international airports, providing reliable air surveillance in areas with severe wind farm clutter.
Key Benefits:
  • Wind farm tolerant
  • Small target detection
  • Low life cycle cost