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Homeland Security Solution


  1. OCULUS : The Oculus is a compact, rugged, continuous rotation PTZ camera up to 2km, designed specifically to withstand harsh and challenging environments.
    Built to an IP67 level of environmental protection, the Oculus is available with the latest HD lowlight camera modules and high resolution thermal imaging sensors. With over 20,000 Oculus camera installed across the globe; the Oculus and Oculus Ti is a well proven performer. IP and HD-SDI is avaiable accross the range.  320 x 240 Thermal Core Range up to 2,5km (detection) & the 640 x 480 Thermal Core Range up to 5,5km (detection)                                               
  2. AERON: Building on the success of the Oculus, the Aeron Ti shares many of the features of the Oculus, including a marine grade anodised aluminium casing and utilises the same range of video camera module. Due to increased size of the Aeron larger format thermal lens can be used; meaning the Aeron can deliver market leading thermal detection ranges within a compact and ruggedized enclose. These lenses include the very latest thermal zoom modules including a 35-105mm and a 50-150mm 640x480 thermal module. the Un-Cooled Thermal offer a detection up to 13km 
  3.  AERON COOLED: The Aeron TC is the perfect solution for long range surveillance applications, providing the best performance available within a marine grade rugged pan and tilt casing of this size.
    The Aeron TC employs a high resoution cooled camera 640x512 with 15um HOT MWIR thermal imaging technologies to provide reconigtion of small targets up to 8 kilometres and man detection at 10km. The Aeron TC also offers simultaneous video verification provided by a 40x SD zoom module or a 30x HD zoom module. Cooled Thermal 640 x 512 (15-330mm) offer a detection up to 16Km                                                                                                                                   


The Osiris has been designed specifically to meet the demands of the Homeland security sector, particularly when long range surveillance is required. Utilising Harmonic drive strain wave gears the Osiris is able to position heavier payloads accurately with virtually zero backlash, ensuring the capture of stable images even at very long distances over land or water meaning the Osiris is the obvious choice for border and maritime surveillance application.
  • Long range Uncooled thermal cameras detection up to 37km
  • Long range Cooled thermal cameras detection up to 48km.
  • Suitable for long range surveillance applications
  • Available with either belt or harmonic drive gears
Key Features;:
  • 35-105,  50-150mm  and  25-225mm zoom thermals
  • 330mm, 660mm and 825mm cooled thermal options
  • Fujinon 1000mm zoom lens with option 2x Extender
  • Yamano 500mm
  • External Boresight Camera housings
  • Bespoke Payloads (Illuminators, Laser Range Finder, Zoom Strobe Lights, Drone Jammer etc)
  • Quick Release camera housings enables the quick and easy interchange of camera housings. This is particularly useful in the event of camera service or if the site requirements change


Using the same electronics and mechanical hardware that is found in the Osiris, the Jaegar’s key differentiator is a through shaft, which allows a fixed payload to be fitted directly above the camera positioner. A wide range of thermal and video cameras are available, all supplied in cable managed housings for protection in the harshest environments. With harmonic drive gears as standard the Jaegar is virtually zero backlash ensuring the capture of stable images even at very long distances over land or water.
  • Un-Cooled Thermal detection up to 37km
  • Cooled Thermal  detection up to 50km
Key Features;
  • Through shaft PT system allows continuous rotation with a fixed top mount payload
  • Same Harmonic Drive and electronic hardware as the Osiris platform
  • Larger payload capability - (Laser Range Finder, Zoom Strobe Lights, Drone Jammer etc)
  • High power motor drive system allows Pan speeds of over 80° Per Sec.
  • Multiple camera options available as per Osiris platform
  • Quick release fixings to allow easy removal / replacement of side cameras
  • Cooled Thermal tube 80-960mm, 1280x720 HD, 25Hz, 50,000 hours cooler life
  • All cooled thermal cameras include a 2-year warranty as standard and have a MTBF of 20,000 hours.