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Naval Radar Surveillance

Naval Air & Surface Surveillance Radar

Operational Capabilities
Small Target Detection The SCANTER 4603 radar relies on X-band for market leading spatial resolution. The high spatial resolution translates into superior target separation, ensuring reliable detection and tracking of very small air and surface targets, and produces a clear and confident highresolution situational awareness picture (day and night and in all weather conditions). For operations such as surveillance, patrolling, law enforcement, interception, boarding, insertion & extraction, and SAR, the SCANTER 4603 with high spatial resolution is the ideal choice.
Search & Rescue
The combination of simultaneous detection of small surface targets and helicopter control makes the SCANTER 4603 radar a valuable asset in supporting SAR operations.
Operational Profiles
To support missions for combat, surveillance, policing, inspection, and SAR, the SCANTER 4603 radar utilizes operational profiles with adaptive suppression of sea and land clutter. The operational profiles ensure easy transition between missions and provide superior target separation to improve planning and coordination for increased mission effectiveness. Dedicated combat profiles with high update rates combined with enhanced accuracy of surface target positions provide Track-While-Scan (TWS) functionality.